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Tacen is located in the picturesque environment by the Sava River, lying at the foothills of the Šmarna Gora Mountain and Grmada peak (GPS of the venue: 46.115659, 14.457438). Today, it is an independent commune governed by the City Council of the City of Ljubljana.

Spectators at the venueTacen has a rich history. According to several estimates, it is said that ages ago this very region was home to a prehistoric settlement, whereas in time of the Roman Empire, an important trade route passed through this area, crossing the Sava River in Tacen. Tacen has also had an important role in the Slovene kayaking history, which began on October 20th, 1931, with the establishment of the first kayaking club in Ljubljana – "Kajak kanu klub Ljubljana".

Tacen became an indispensible part of Slovene kayaking in 1939, when the Kayaking Championship of the Yugoslavian Monarchy was organized on the left bank of Sava River. In 1948, a permanent kayaking course was built on the right bank and in 1952, the competitors could already paddle pass the renowned gate, which carried the reputation of the Ljubljana course throughout the world and to this day it still remains a true challenge for all rapids tamers.