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Ljubljana from air- author Lenrčič,

The Slovene Capital Ljubljana has been connected to water throughout its history. Who does not know the stories about lake dwellers, who lived in the region named "Ljubljansko Barje" (Ljubljana moors) in symbiosis with the water. There is also a legend about how Ljubljana was founded, which is connected to Ljubljanica River.

Ljubljana- author J. Skok, www.slovenia.infoThe Greek mythological hero, Jason, was supposedly the one who founded the city of Ljubljana after he stole the Golden Fleece from King Aeetes. When he was returning to Greece, Jason and his Argonauts supposedly made a stop in Barje (the moors), where he killed a horrible monster, a dragon which still remains the city's greatest symbol.

Even in the time of the Roman Empire, Ljubljanica River was very important, because stone that was needed for building Emona, the predecessor of Ljubljana, was transported over it and the river was a connection between Emona and Nauportus, which is today called Vrhnika.

The greatest Slovene poet, dr. France Prešeren, also paid tribute to the river which runs through the centre of the Capital by featuring it in one of his greatest poems, "Povodni mož". At that time, the Ljubljanica River played a very important part of the city life, whether it was used for transporting various materials, getting people from one place to another or for dipping swindling bakers.

Ljubljana Dragon- source: www.visitljubljana.siToday, the river, which runs through the city centre, is not nearly as important as it once was, but it nonetheless remains one of the city's busiest spots. The best-known Slovene architect, Jože Plečnik, is the author of numerous important works, which adorn the banks of the Ljubljanica River and offer both locals and tourists plenty of chances to relax and socialize.

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