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For LIVE results please visit Siwidata pages: NEW VERSION or OLD VERSION.

PDF results by categories are available at Timing Mojstrana.

The results of 2010 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships SLOKA 2010 in PDF results by days:

Wednesday, 8th September: heats C1w, K1w, C1m, C2m


Friday, 10th September: heats K1m

Saturday, 11th September: teams and finals K1w and C2m


Sunday, 12th September: teams and finals C1w, C1m and K1m


* The best 40 kayakers (K-1m), 30 canoeists (C-1m) and women’s kayakers (K-1w), 20 canoe doubles (C-2) and women’s canoeists (C-1w) advance to the semifinal. Then top 10 paddlers from each category advance to the grand final.