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The logo of the event

logo of sloka 2010The logo of SLOKA 2010 is the most recognizable and unique element of the entire corporate identity of World Championship in Kayak and Canoe Slalom.

The entire logo is composed by elements that are connected to the sport and the organization of the event. The same basis applies to colours.

The main motif is a boat with two paddles that make up the letter X, which can also mean the Roman numeral 10, drawing near the year of the event – 2010. On the level of meaning, it draws connection to history – the Roman settlement Emona. The paddles in the middle are deliberately not connected in the same axis, because we are communicating both sports, i.e. both kayaking and canoeing.

The main motif is framed by the crest, which is made from two lines – the bottom one, which is a copy of the boat in transverse section, and the upper one, which is a copy of the boat in vertical section. The crest carries the sense of nobleness and emotionally transcends the meaning of the event to a higher level. It is also appropriate from a historical point of view, because in the past kayaking as a sport was mostly connected with townspeople and aristocrats. Furthermore, the shape of the crest represents protection and may be connected to the protection of the environment. Additional elements, such as the waves on both left and right hand side, link the organizer of the event to the international federation.

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Short name

The title SLOKA originates in the essence of the event, i.e. the SLalOm KAyak and Canoe Championship or alternatively SLOvene KAyak and canoe. The word SLOKA has a certain ring to it - it is a short name that is easy to remember; among others the word also signifies a curvy line or a shape which describes the movement of the vessel on the rapids. The title is also acceptable from the viewpoint of foreign languages, because it does not contain any special Slovene characters (hacheks) and can be uttered easily also by members of other language regions. The name SLOKA, in connection with the logo, thus carries a certain and reliable message about the event.

The slogan

slogan wild water, pure joy

The slogan Wild water, pure joy describes the essence of conquering rapids when it refers to wild water and pleasure simultaneously. It is simple and powerful, yet at the same time universally comprehensible. For this reason, it has an overwhelming meaning and it supports the popularization of the World Championships. The slogan is equally powerful in both English and Slovene language. It consists of the same colours as the logo – green and blue; the first two words being green and the last two blue. This way, the reader can connect words in a different sequence than the way they are written. Thus, the message of the slogan – water pleasures and ecology – is even more emphasized.

Crayfish – the mascot

The crayfish is a universally known animal, a symbol of clean water and life in and around water. At the same time, the crayfish is an independent and distinctive character, which enriches our story elements of motion and vivacity; it evokes positive emotions and represents an ideal basis for the development and manufacture of the mascot, for it allows us to mould the character according to our needs. The crayfish appears confident and brave, which is very appropriate for any World Championships. The crayfish mascot contributes to the identification of the event; it relates it to clean water and the slogan, while at the same time, it complements the communication of the event and is mostly present in the scope of extra activities.